As a child my world grew leaps and bounds as I immersed myself into books. I hid myself in pages of orphaned girls, mysteries of years ago, animals and animation of all kinds. As a child I would write puppet shows and perform them for younger friends. As a young aunt I would make up stories for my nieces and nephews. As a first year teacher I wrote my first children's book. My see my words published and beautifully illustrated one day, Lord willing. For now, I will self-publish the stories that I write for my own precious four children as I do what I can to help their imaginations soar through a world of wonderful words.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If I Had an Angry Alligator

ABC books have been used for years to teach preschoolers the foundation for reading.  They never get boring.  If you have a preschooler or teach kindergarten or pre-k then you know that there are endless uses for ABC books.  13 years ago I was a teacher.  The following book was inspired by a class project I had my students do.  I have been encouraged for years to send it off for publishing, yet...I drag my feet.  Maybe this will be the first step in seeing my words illustrated and placed into a book that will be read by kids for years to come!

If I Had an Angry Alligator

If I had an angry alligator
I would name him Angus
If I had a bashful beaver
I would name her Betty
If I had a clumsy camel
I would name him Charlie
If I had a dashing dolphin
I would name her Daphne
If I had an elegant elephant
I would name him Edgar
If I had a frightened flamingo
I would name her Fran
If I had a graceful giraffe
I would name him George
If I had a happy hippopotamus
I would name her Hannah
If I had an icky iguana
I would name him Ivan
If I had a joyful jaguar
I would name her Jackie
If I had a kind kangaroo
I would name him Kevin
If I had a loud lion
I would name her Lisa

If I had a mocking monkey
I would name him Marvin
If I had a new newt
I would name her Nancy
If I had a old octopus
I would name him Oscar
If I had a pretty pelican
I would name her Patty
If I had a quiet quail
I would name him Quincy
If I had a rowdy rooster
I would name her Roxy
If I had a sad snail
I would name him Sam
If I had a timid toad
I would name her Tammy
If I had an ugly unicorn
I would name him Uriah
If I had a vicious viper
I would name her Vera
If I had a weeping whale
I would name him Walter
If I had an eXcited x-ray fish
I would name her Xenia
If I had a yelping yak
I would name him Yale
If I had a zealous zebra
I would name her Zelda

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