As a child my world grew leaps and bounds as I immersed myself into books. I hid myself in pages of orphaned girls, mysteries of years ago, animals and animation of all kinds. As a child I would write puppet shows and perform them for younger friends. As a young aunt I would make up stories for my nieces and nephews. As a first year teacher I wrote my first children's book. My see my words published and beautifully illustrated one day, Lord willing. For now, I will self-publish the stories that I write for my own precious four children as I do what I can to help their imaginations soar through a world of wonderful words.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandmama’s Kitchen: Sausage Biscuits

Today I was missing home.  I love the Fall and Thanksgiving.  Memories of the wonderful smells that arose from the kitchen.  I posted as my status on facebook that I was missing my grandmother’s fried apple pies that are apart of my favorite Fall memories.  A dialogue started between some friends, my sister and I. Joking, I typed that I should write a book titled Grandmama’s Kitchen.  Then in a really long round about way I was reminded of the biscuits my grandmother use to make me when I would visit her on the weekends.  And then the story came......

Grandmama’s Kitchen:
Sausage Biscuits

            I could smell the sausage sizzling in the kitchen before I ever opened my eyes.  I lingered just a few minutes enjoying the thick high bed. The soft sheets and heavy comforter hid me in the room where my father slept when he was a boy.  I loved weekends at Grandmama’s house which were matched by no other.  Not being able to wait another moment, I hopped out of bed and skipped down the short hall, past my grandaddy’s chair that sat in the den like the throne of a king. Entering the kitchen I put my arms around Grandmama’s thick waist.
            “Morning! Smells yummy.  Are they ready yet?”
            “Good morning. Nope.  Get the cheese and mustard.”  My grandmother motioned with her head toward the refrigerator. 
            After I obeyed her request, I skirted back into the den. Past my grandfather’s leather chair, avoiding the kick of his foot intended for my behind, straight to the bar that separated the two rooms.  I sat on a stool that allowed me to be face to face with my grandmother.  The stovetop and the sizzling sausage were sandwiched between us. 
            Grandmama took a silver spoon in one hand and a can of biscuits in the other.  She pressed the back of the spoon to the can and…  POP!  She handed me the open can and a cookie sheet. As I lined the biscuits she began slicing the block of cheddar cheese. 
            “Finished!” I exclaimed and handed the cookie sheet to Grandmama.  She placed the biscuits in the preheated oven and turned her attention to the sausage. She flipped them over then turned down the heat on the skillet. 
            “Do you want to finish slicing the cheese?” Grandmama asked, picking up her coffee cup and taking a sip.
            “Will you fix me some coffee while I do?” I half-jokingly asked.
            With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye she handed me the cutting board with the block of cheese.  Then she handed me the knife with the handle pointing my way so I could safely take it from her. 
            “Be careful.” She told me as she reached in the cupboard for a coffee cup. She poured a small amount of coffee, a bit larger amount of milk, and then added two heaping spoonfuls of sugar. I finished the slicing and we traded off, she taking the cheese and I the milk with coffee! 
            The timer on the oven went off signaling that the biscuits were finished.  The smell of the butter made my mouth water with anticipation of my favorite breakfast food.  My grandmother took a plate and placed two biscuits on it.  She used a fork to pry the top from the bottom, allowing the steam hidden inside the dough to escape.  She placed a brown circle piece of sausage on the bottom slice of the biscuits. Next she added a slice of cheese on top of the sausage. Picking up the yellow bottle she drizzled mustard on top of the cheese. Finally she closed up the masterpiece with the top of the biscuit. 
            “Here you go.” She said as she handed me the plate.  Unlike the cookie sheet with biscuits or the cutting board with cheese, I would NOT be handing my plate back to her. Well, not until I had devoured every last drop of my sausage with mustard and cheese biscuits anyway. 

sausage patties:
canned biscuits:
block of cheddar cheese

You will also need:
A skillet - to cook the sausage.
A cookie sheet – to bake the biscuits
A knife (or cheese slicer) – to slice the cheese

Directions: Make sure you ask your mom or dad, or better yet your grandmother, to help!
1.    1. Cook the sausage according to directions on package.  
2.    2. Line your biscuits on a cookie sheet and bake according to directions on can.  Don’t forget to pre-heat your oven.
3.    3. Slice thin layers of cheddar cheese.  Be careful!
4.    4. When biscuits are done, remove from oven and let sit for just a minute.
5.    5. Split the biscuit in half. Insert a fork in the side of the biscuit and pry the top from the bottom.
6.    6. Place a cooked piece of sausage on the bottom side.
7.    7. Add a slice of cheese onto of the sausage.
8.    8. Drizzle mustard on the cheese.
9.    9. Put the top of the biscuit in place.

Now open up and insert your marvelous masterpiece into your mouth!