As a child my world grew leaps and bounds as I immersed myself into books. I hid myself in pages of orphaned girls, mysteries of years ago, animals and animation of all kinds. As a child I would write puppet shows and perform them for younger friends. As a young aunt I would make up stories for my nieces and nephews. As a first year teacher I wrote my first children's book. My see my words published and beautifully illustrated one day, Lord willing. For now, I will self-publish the stories that I write for my own precious four children as I do what I can to help their imaginations soar through a world of wonderful words.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Always Faithful

Living miles away from family and friends can get lonely. Sometimes a phone call, an e-mail or a letter does wonders to ease that loneliness. A smile easily comes to my mouth when I log on and I see a note from my sister or nephew or niece.  The phone rings and when I answer it’s my mother or mother-in-law on the other line.  The flip of that is the sadness on the days when no e-mails come, no comments are made on my facebook page or blog, when the phone doesn’t ring.  
Is that what God feels when He whispers, speaks calmly, yells or screams and yet receives no response from us. When weeks go by with out reading His lines, paragraphs, letters and books.  How do I make Him feel when I get too busy and wrapped up in my day to take a minute to respond to a note He has written me or a whisper I have heard from Him?

 Always Faithful

I whisper, you don’t respond
I speak calmly, you don’t respond
I yell, you don’t respond
I scream, still no response

I write a simple line, you don’t respond
I write a paragraph, you don’t respond
I write a letter, you don’t respond
I write a book, still no response

I close my mouth
I lay down my pen
I give up
I know I can’t win

He whispers, do I respond?
He speaks calmly, do I respond?
He yells, do I respond?
He screams, do I respond?

He writes a line, do I respond?
He writes a paragraph, do I respond?
He writes a letter, do I respond?
He writes a book, do I respond?

He never closes His mouth
He never lays down His pen
He is always faithful
Until the very end

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